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A Simple Story.

Good people, surrounded by wholesome food, honoring everyday traditions. This is the essence of Great East Butcher Co. – it is why we exist, and it’s more than likely the reason that brought you here to learn more about us.

You see GEB Co., as we like to call it to the chagrin of our copyright lawyers, was founded by a friendly group foodies who just wanted to create a destination where like-minded folks could meet up and discover the best local foods from across the land.

Over time, we weeded out products that didn’t meet our standards, and we continually keep our eyes open to find products we love.

As a result of our unwavering commitment to offering fine foods at a fair price, and treating our staff members, vendors and customers like family, our little company has made a BIG impact on the communities we serve.

So the next time you’re thinking what’s for dinner – Head East…and let us help you discover your next meal!